It’s beginning to look a lot like Winnipeg

The snow just won’t leave. It started snowing last weekend and hasn’t gone away since. Right now, big fluffy flakes are falling, coating streets that already had hard-packed snow on them. It reminds me a lot of Winnipeg. If it wasn’t for the odd person walking around with an umbrella, or cars with chains on the tires, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Snow in Vancouver isn’t rare – every winter I’ve spent here has had some snow, but it has never lasted for more then a day. This year it just won’t go away and Vancouver is set to have its first “White Christmas” in over a decade. I enjoy the snow. As long as you don’t need to drive, it’s a nice change from the rain we usually get around this time of year. Today, Emily and I went down to the park and tobogganed for a while.
Come On In Out Of The Cold!  Snowy Mount Pleasant  Main Street Snow  Snow Time  Manitoba in Vancouver  Crazy Carpeting  Too Fast  Snowy  Assume the Position  Wheee!  Vancouver Tobogganing  Snowy Beetle  No Biking Today

Emily and I are all settled in to our new home. The last box was unpacked on Wednesday; our internet is all hooked up; the walls are decorated with pictures and paintings; and stuff we don’t need regularly is down in storage. It’s starting to feel like home. The only missing piece for me was a gaming system, so I broke down last week and bought an XBox 360. Now I have a little corner of gadgets and toys in the living room – a place to call my own. I think I’ll rub some stinky gym clothes around it to mark my territory.
Living Room  Guy Toy Corner  Dining Area  Book Case  Tiny Kitchen  Bedroom

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  1. I see people in New York with umbrellas in the snow too. I don’t get it either, it’s not so wet like rain. Your place is looking really nice and cozy. Congratulations on the new place. I hope you had a happy holiday and happy new year! 🙂


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