Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was a real celebration in non-materialistic home-made gift giving. I only bought two gifts – a board game (Balloon Cup) for Emily’s mom and a CD (Dan Mangan) for a work gift exchange. The rest of the gifts had to be home-made, which stretched my limited creative abilities. For a friend, I made bike helmet ear muffs and a board game themed cork board. For my mother, I made snow globes. For Emily’s family I made putty cat poppers (cat nip laced treats).

Instead of gift giving, Christmas focused on family and food. What a lovely combination. And loads of board games, snowboarding, and a big bonfire.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange   Pulse Ugly Sweaters   Farm Christmas  Asessippi Snowboarding  Watch it Burn  Ponderosa Bonfire  Board Game Bulletin Board


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