Jumping on the Olympic Bandwagon

A few days of sun has brightened my opinion toward the Olympics. That and some rocking music, crazy crowds, and exciting curling.

On Friday night we tried to get into the German Fun House but only made it into the waiting pen where we could drink $9 German beers in a parking lot. After that we ended up in a pub and then wandered through downtown where hordes of drunken teens were partying it up. It was a crazy crowd. I saw someone burning an American flag, two young Indian drummers start a spontaneous dance party, and lots of Canadian pride on display.

Saturday, Emily, Steph, and I ventured down to Surrey to check out there Olympic Celebration site. I was a bit worried when we had to wait for 30 minutes to board a SkyTrain, but once we escaped the Vancouver Olympic crowds it was smooth sailing. We didn’t have to wait at all to enter the Surrey site. No lineups! It was a breath of fresh air, and there were lots of fun Surrey sporting activities like plywood curling and plastic sheet skating. All kidding aside, it was a great site. The concert was awesome – Said the Whale and Mother Mother put on fantastic sets.

On Sunday I had tickets to see Women’s curling and the ladies didn’t disappoint. China beat Canada in an extra end – Canada’s only round robin loss. It was an excellent match and the crowd was loud.

Monday, Emily and I stopped in to the Yaletown site to see Jill Barber. She didn’t garner the crowds that Deadmau5 did last week or I’m sure Girl Talk will this Friday, but it was still a good show.

And then today at work there was a surprise Scavenger Hunt, like a Waterloo Scunt but while getting paid. We raced around downtown in teams getting pictures of us doing crazy Olympic stunts. It’s amazing what people will let you do if you tell them your on a scavenger hunt and just need a quick picture. The festive Olympic atmosphere helps too.

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