Roller Derby

Is there anything hotter then girls in fishnet stockings and booty shorts with retro roller skates showing off their athleticism? I didn’t think so.

Roller Girl with a Bad Reputation  Bad Reputations  Roller Derby Warmup  Faster Pussycats

A few weeks ago a bunch off went to watch our first roller derby match. The Terminal City Rollergirls were competing in Richmond, but it was really easy to get there by SkyTrain. The girls were super athletic and the matches were exciting. My only complaints were the matches were a bit long and it was difficult to figure out what was going on half of the time. There were announcers explaining the rules, but the crappy audio system in the arena made it impossible to hear what they were saying. Regardless, we had a good time. Makes me want to watch Whip It again.

Next bout is June 26 in Richmond.

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