Greater Vancouver Hike – Cedar Mills & Headwaters Trail Loop

Ghosts of Once Mighty Trees
Date: August 21, 2010

Location: North Vancouver (map)

Description: Lynn Headwaters Regional Park is the starting point for many great hikes of varying lengths and difficulty levels. One of the easier hikes is the Cedar Mills & Headwaters Trail Loop. It seemed more popular with trail runners and dog walkers, then with hikers.

The western branch of the loop is very flat and offers occasional glimpses of Lynn Creek. The eastern branch has some hills to climb and two “points of interest” to explore – some giant boulders and a viewpoint. Both make for good rest spots, but are nothing spectacular. We ate our lunch on top of one of the giant boulders.

There are lots of junctions along the trail for other hikes (like Lynn Peak), but every branch is well marked with signposts and maps so you shouldn’t get lost. Printed maps are available at the End of the Line General Store (near the bus stop), the trail head next to the parking lot, and online.

Total Time: 4 1/2 hours
Cedars Mill Trail (3.9 km): 1 hour (30 minutes per section)
Headwaters Trail (5.1 km): 1 1/2 hours (45 minutes per section)
Detours for boulders and viewpoint: 30 minutes
Lunch Break: 30 minutes
Hike to/from bus stop (Varney Trail): 30 minutes each way

Transportation: Lynn Headwaters is transit accessible. There are 2 buses (one from Vancouver and one from Lonsdale Quay) that drop you off near Dempsey and Lynn Valley Road. Your first stop should be the End of the Line General Store, which has maps of the park. The park is a 30 minute walk north, either via Lynn Valley Road (google maps), or the Varney Trail, which runs between the road and the creek and starts on Rice Lake Road. Both routes will take 30 minutes.

Pictures: Lynn Headwaters
Lynn Headwaters Regional Park Lynn Creek Abandoned Trailer Headwaters Trail Giant Boulder Leap Ghosts of Once Mighty Trees Disappointing Viewpoint The End of the Line

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