Half Marathon Training – 3 weeks to go

The training for the Victoria Half Marathon continues. I think I’m ready. I went on a long 25km run today, and now I’m staring to taper my running. I only have to ensure I don’t get sick or injured in the next 3 weeks.

Today was my longest training run, and I took my fancy new Android phone with me so I could try out the MyTracks app. Normally, I don’t even take a watch with me, so I have no idea how fast or even how long I’m running for. According to MyTracks I ran 28.25 km in 2 1/2 hours, but that includes a lot of drunken staggering near the end which I think tacked on a few extra km that didn’t actually happen. The GPS was a lot more accurate when I was on the seawall and seemed to get confused when I was closer to big buildings. It was also interesting to see the elevation profile of the run. I chose UBC specifically for the hill at the midpoint of the run. It looks worse on the graph then it felt, although after the hill my average speed dropped significantly.

Elevation Profile

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