Critical Pedal (Vancouver Cycling Documentary)

A short documentary on cycling in Vancouver. It was only recently published, but the content is already dated – the interviews were conducted before the Olympics, so there is no mention of the separated bike lanes downtown. It is amazing to think how much progress has been made in the past year.


  1. I like how Vancouver plans for walking, biking, transit and then the car. Not many cities in Canada plan as such…I mean look at how Toronto is heading.
    1. Car
    2. Car
    3. Car
    4. TTC

    I disagree with the president of the VACC. He suggests a road bike and against mountain bikes.
    A mountain bike with a carrier is more then perfect for commuting. If your purely into racing to and from work then maybe a road bike is best, however if you plan on going 15-20 km/h a mountain/city bike is fine.
    I also disagree with many of the clothing outfits he suggested (such as booties and rain pants). This will discourage people from riding IMO.
    Of course this could be a difference in attitude between BC and Ontario.

    The Canada Line bridge is stunning. When I was looking at moving to Metro Van a while ago I remember the lead up to the opening of it.

    Our Community Bikes seems like an interesting place. How is it funded?

    I didn’t care for what Meggs said about working with ICBC & the police with regards to buying a new bike and some form of training. Again I feel this will not encourage anyone new to ride and will discourage current commuters from purchasing *new* bikes, therefore hurting bike shops.
    Training has to start NOW in schools just like Denmark & the Netherlands. Make it mandatory.


    • Rain pants and booties are an absolute mist for winter riding in vancouver. Without them o couldn’t ride in regular clothes, underneath of course.

      I agree mountain bikes are better for new riders.

      As for meggs, he’s been a huge advocate but is trying to keep motorists happy too. He’s talked a lot about better education for motorists and cyclists.


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