The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good
Pulse Energy won a Bike to Work Week award for most commutes in an organization with 26-100 employees! We logged 91 trips, more then we managed to log in June, even with one of our most dedicated cyclists sidelined with broken ribs (get better soon Tim).

I also managed to pick up a random draw prize. I scored a Peak 100.5 (my favourite radio station) prize pack, which includes a new helmet (which I sorely need), Pictionary, some other random goodies, and …. wait for it … tickets to the Peak Performance Project final concert – with Said the Whale, Kyprios, and Vince Vaccaro. I’m cheering for Said the Whale, but all 3 artists are amazing. I’ve only recently discovered Vince Vaccaro, but I really like his music. I almost bought tickets to the concert last week when they went on sale, but was annoyed about the Ticketmaster fees ($8.50 on a $10 ticket!) and wanted to confirm with Emily that she wanted to go. Luckily I won tickets, because the concert is sold-out already.

So thank you VACC, Bike to Work Week, and The Peak!

The Bad
Emily is having a good time in Costa Rica right now, but I got a frantic call from her yesterday. She managed to format the memory card on her camera, wiping out all of the pictures she had taken so far. Ouch! I thought I had lost my camera when I was travelling in Denmark with Ben 2 years ago, and it was the worst feeling ever. Luckily her travelling partner, Leanne, has been taking lots of pictures too, but she still lost a lot of great pictures.

The Ugly
Movember, a whole month dedicated to bad facial hair. Since Emily is away, and I really have no one to impress, I decided to see if my patchy face could grow some hair. I unveiled the new look today at work. Last year, when co-worker Dan grew his ‘stache, he received the nickname Dan-chez. My new nickname – Creepy Pirate.

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