Exploring Google Maps Bike Directions

Vancouver Bike Network According to Google Maps
Yesterday bike directions started working on Google Maps, today I can see the Bicycling overlay, but only up to zoom level 11.

I like how they distinguish separated bike routes (dark green), from bike lanes (light green), and bike routes that are shared with car traffic (dotted green). The map is obviously a work in progress. There are some key routes that are missing – like the Dunsmuir Viaduct. Google encourages people to click “Report a Problem” when they notice errors, so I’m sure the quality will improve rapidly.

Yesterday, Emily noticed that routes taking you over the Cambie Bridge into downtown encouraged you to bike under the bridge (down Spyglass Place) and then carry your bike up 4 flights of stairs onto the bridge. We reported it as a problem last night, and it is already fixed.

Google is rolling out the Bike directions slowly, so if you don’t see the Bike icon, you can force it to provide the option by going to this link. I think the key is the &dirflg=b in the url.
Nevermind. If you don’t see the bike directions by default, it will give you car driving directions. Clicking on the link above will make it look like bike directions, but they are not.

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