Olympic Village Housing Update

No Pictures Please
After two weeks, we finally heard back from Coho Management Services, the company renting out the market rental suites at the Olympic Village. Their response:

We have received your application and attachments. Unfortunately, your combined gross household income is above the upper limits set by the City of Vancouver. For this reason, we cannot offer you a suite.

Time to pop the champagne, we’re rich. Or at least too rich for the Olympic Village – land of of condos averaging $1 million. You could have fooled me. But according to the City’s guidelines, anyone wishing to rent at the Olympic Village cannot get paid more then 5 times the rent (pre-taxes).

I’m not sure how forcing people to spend at least 20% of their pre-tax income on housing helps the City meet its “affordable housing” goals. For Emily and I, a 2-bedroom unit would have been closer to 19%, but apparently the City thinks we should be paying more. Instead, we’ll stay in our current apartment and save over $800 a month.

Good luck trying to find enough people who make less then us to fork over $1900 a month for rent.

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