Bitter Sweet Election Results

The NDP won over 100 seats. Elizabeth May is the first Green party MP ever elected in Canada. The Bloc Quebecois have lost official party status.

All great news, but what a shitty election result. I’m not sure I can handle four years of a Conservative majority government.

What happened to the Liberal vote in Ontario? Why is Manitoba and Saskatchewan so damn Conservative?

If the Liberals could have held more of their Ontario seats we could have had an NDP-Liberal-Green coalition government in charge of Canada. How awesome would that have been? A government that would have made electoral reform and the environment a priority. Instead, I weep for the future of Canada. Maybe we need to give students the right to vote, and take it away from old people – Student Vote gave a much better result.

I’m worried Canada is heading to a 2-party system, a consequence of the first-past-the-post electoral system. I prefer the NDP to the Liberals, but I think we need both parties, and I don’t want the see them merge. I want real electoral reform. A single-transferable-vote system where no vote is wasted, strategic voting is unnecessary, and vote splitting doesn’t lead to Conservative majority governments.


  1. I feel a lot like you.
    Although I’m not much of an NDP supporter, I’m thrilled they did as well as they did. I’ve become a big fan of Layton over the years.
    I can’t begin to say how happy I am about May! Finally a Green member!

    As for the Liberals? I just hope they can rebound in the next four years. I swear it feels like I’m the only person who actually likes Ignatieff.
    I don’t see anyone who can do much better for them in the future. Rae will not connect with Ontario voters and many of the potential leaders were booted out.

    I thought the Liberal in my riding would have the best chance at beating the Conservative so I voted Liberal…For the first time I can remember the Liberal came in third. NDP came second.
    I regret not voting Green.

    With the Con’s plan on ending political subsidies I worry about the Green’s future.

    Speaking from a southern Ontarian’s POV, I’m beyond worried now. In October we have a Provincial election and it now looks like the Conservative will get in.
    He actually worries me more then Harper.

    As for the Federal Liberals in Ontario? I’m at an absolute loss as to why they did as bad as they did.


  2. A STV voting system would be ideal.
    It would be interesting to go over the results, make some assumptions and try to estimate what the result would have been in a STV system. I am guessing it would probably be a closer to the Student vote. With a conservative minority.

    What I am most socked at though, is voter turnout. With all the social media, opinions and coverage this election had. I expected a high 60’s low 70% turn out. Instead it turned out to be low 60’s ( not even beating out 2006 election turnout.


    • Greg Morrow of often does simulations of what the election results would look like if we had alternate voting systems, like regional voting or MMP. If he does a simulation using this elections results I’ll post the them here. But with most alternative voting systems you get seat results that are closely proportional with total votes cast. In the case of last night that would be:
      Cons: 123
      NDP: 95
      Lib: 59
      Bloc: 19
      Green: 12


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