Village Carnivale and Car-Free Festival

How do you get over a riot? A carnivale and car-free festival might help.

The riot was a black eye on Vancouver, but I’m amazed by how quickly things are getting back to normal in Vancouver. The window at work was smashed in, but replaced before noon.

This weekend there are two fun events two help forget the ugly riot after Wednesday’s hockey game.

Here at the Olympic Village, there is a 4-day Village Carnivale that starts tonight. It includes a “65 foot high Ferris Wheel” that looks small next to the giant birds in the plaza.

Sunday is also Car-Free Vancouver Day (in addition to being Father’s Day). Commercial Drive, Main Street, Denman, and areas in Kitsilano will be closed to traffic and huge street parties with music, parades, street food, and vendors will take over.

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