Weekend Reading

Olympic Village Community GardenGeoff Meggs on the Olympic Village – 73% occupied; laundry/dry cleaning coming soon; Village Kitchen spring 2012; London Drugs and Urban Fare summer 2012; Salt Building no tenant.

Spacing’s New Issue Arrives – all about urban farming and food. I’ll wait until we’re done our elimination diet before I read it.

They cannot stop the 99%Adbusters’ Kalle Lasn Talks About OccupyWallStreet – interesting interview about how Occupy Wall Street started.

Occupy Vancouver – coming October 15th. Thousands of people expected. They even RSVP’d on Facebook.

Our Very Own Highline – an intriguing proposal to turn the the old Port Mann bridge into a park instead of spending $50 – $100 million to demolish it. Did you know that the new Port Mann is set to cost $3.3 billion. And yet some people are up in arms about Translink’s extra 2 cent tax on gas, which will raise only $40 million a year.

Image by freestyle

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