Kickstarter – Windowfarms, Bicycle Portraits, and OOPS

I’m addicted to kickstarter. I’ve funded three projects in the past few days. Check them out.

Two of the projects have 6 days left to get funding – until December 7, 2011. The Windowfarms project has already reached its minimum, but are promising not to offshore production if they can reach $200,000, and they’re 3/4 of the way there. The Bicycle Portraits project has only 2/3 of its funding minimum, so they need more support to make their project a reality. The third project, Order of Professional Sorcerers (OOPS), is a board game that is currently in beta testing. They still have 40 days to reach their funding goal.

Windowfarms – Vertical Food Gardens

Windowfarms let you grow fresh vegetables at home by taking advantage of natural light and climate control indoors. The roots are bathed in nutrients from the sea, preventing food plants from getting root bound (as they do in traditional soil filled containers). You get healthier roots, and fresher, more nutritious vegetables without dirt in small spaces.

Bicycle Portraits

We’re publishing the best 165 portraits and stories over 3 books. Each of the 3 books will contain a different 55 stories, and also two essays each by local South African and major international cycling figures.

Order Of Professional Sorcerers

From BoardGameGeek:

Imagine a world just like ours where sorcerers exist and pretty much everyone has some level of magical talent. People use their skills at work to accomplish everyday tasks: The chef uses alchemy to turn basic ingredients into the most rare and expensive dishes; the teacher conjures rich and entertaining lessons to educate her students; the funeral director uses dark necromancy to… well, you get the idea.

In Order of Professional Sorcerers (OOPS) – a tactical, worker placement, optimization game – players will place magical cubes to the board in a competition to gain the most victory points. They will also be casting and acquiring powerful spells, attacking other players, improving their board control, and reacting to the crafty play of their opponents.

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