Canadians Agree with Mulcair on Oil Sands

It appears as though Canadians agree with NDP leader Thomas Mulcair that sustainable development is important and unbridled expansion of the oil sands is harming the Canadian economy.

The Forum Poll for the National Post also suggests a wide majority of Canadians – more than three-quarters – think Canada suffers from an income gap, where the rich are getting too rich and the poor are getting too poor.

Also, 45% of respondents said a low Canadian dollar that supports manufacturing was better for the country than a high dollar bolstered by resource exports, compared to 35% who disagreed.

NDP making huge gains as Canada tilts leftward: poll – National Post

Mulcair’s message is resonating everywhere, except Alberta (not a huge shock there). It’s refreshing to see a leader willing to present bold ideas and defend them when he’s attacked.

When Conservatives accused him of dividing the country by begrudging western Canada its economic success, Mulcair — far from trying to sidestep their attacks — met them head on and even seemed to relish throwing fuel on the fire.


  1. I can pretty much say I’m around 70% sure I’d be voting NDP in the next Federal, which would be the first time I’d vote for them (the remaining 30% would be Green).
    I really don’t know what’s going on with the Liberals anymore. They need to elect/appoint a new leader ASAP. I have nothing against Bob Rae and he probably would be their best candidate…except…People in Ontario have been brainwashed that the names “Bob + Rae” are beyond evil.

    Some people I talked to hated the idea of electing Mulcair as NDP leader, however I was more than willing to give him time. So far he has actually really surprised me (in a good way).

    The only thing I’d like to see of the NDP, is to get decent people in each riding. Although the NDP came in second in my riding last election, the candidate was completely clueless. He was nothing more than a ‘filler’ so they could have someone here.


    • I’ve been impressed with Mulcair’s willingness to take a principled policy position and defend it. He could have sat back, focused on attacking the Conservatives, and said “vote NDP because we’re not the Conservatives”, but instead he’s putting forth an alternate vision for Canada. Normally, new policy is only ever discussed in soundbites during a 30-day election. If you ignore the hyperbole coming from some Conservative pundits and politicians, Mulcair’s position has been quite reasoned. It’s refreshing.

      I agree that getting strong candidates is key. Who they find to run in the Calgary and Etobicoke by-elections will be an interesting test.


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