Tap and Barrel – Vancouver’s Newest and Possibly Best Patio

Best Patio in Vancouver
The Olympic Village is abuzz, and it isn’t (exclusively) because of the pretty ladies collecting food scraps. The newest restaurant/pub, Tap and Barrel, is open (at least for a soft-launch) and it has the best patio in Vancouver.

Yesterday, the restaurant opened without any advertising, but the word quickly spread throughout the village and soon the place was packed. The main floor of the restaurant looks like a sports bar, with a large outdoor patio. Upstairs is more restaurant seating with a great balcony overlooking False Creek. The patio and balcony have great views and get sunshine for most of the day. This is the patio that Vancouver has been longing for.
Enjoying a Beer on Tap and Barrel Patio

The beer and wine selection is excellent. We tried a few yesterday and I can recommend the 4 Fruit Ale and Whiskey Jack Ale. As for food, I was a bit disappointed in the vegetarian and vegan selection. There is only one vegan menu item, the avocado fritters, which were good, but not enough to keep us coming back for dinner. Even the yam fries are smothered in marshmallow fluff. Granted, most pubs lack vegan options, but I had high hopes for Tap and Barrel after seeing pictures of vegan chili dogs on their Facebook page.
Avocado Fritters

Pre-Opening Menus:
Tap and Barrel Pre-Opening Wine Menu Tap and Barrel Pre-Opening Menu

More Pictures:

Creekside Patio

Tap & Barrel Patio

Inside the Tap and Barrel

Tap & Barrel on Urbanspoon


  1. It does seem unusual that in Vancouver — which I always viewed as Canada’s most vegetarian friendly city, that they lack a good veggie menu. Hopefully it is something that progresses (quickly) in the future!

    Sure looks nice! Must be nice sitting on the water viewing the city. Most patios here face ridiculously busy roadways.


    • I’m hoping with some persuasive feedback they’ll add some more veggie options to the menu. The owner is a cool guy, and if the demand is there, I’m sure he’ll be receptive. When we asked our waiter about vegan options, he told us he heard the same questions from a number of customers. The menus we ordered from were clearly labeled “Pre-Opening”, so I’m holding out hope that a few more vegan items will make it to the official menu.


    • I thought the prices were ok. You can see them in menu images I included above. Definitely not cheap, but appropriately priced considering the location and quality of the food and drink.

      I’m willing to pay $7.50 for a 20 oz pint of craft beer, if I can drink it on an excellent patio. Although, I’m just looking at the beer and veggie options. I have no idea if $19 is good for pork schnitzel.


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