Cabbage Roll Making Party

bringing the cabbage role to life
Our weekly vegetable basket from Fresh Roots CSA had a giant head of cabbage in it. What do you do with all that cabbage? As my Baba always says, when life gives you kapusta you make cabbage rolls. So, I invited a few friends over for a cabbage roll making / board game playing party.

I used this recipe for vegan cabbage rolls, but need to triple the amount of filling and only used a single head of cabbage. I also replaced the TVP with chickpeas. There was more than enough for 8 people to eat, plus leftovers for everyone to take home.

Cabbage Roll Making Party

Added to What’s in the Box? #49.


  1. Ah, just like in Old Country. (And by old country I mean Saskatchewan.)

    The Ukrainians have that meatless Christmas meal thing but they tend to just leave out the meat and have only rice inside the cabbage rolls. This is better with the chick peas. Since this is the West Coast with all the food fusion, we can put in whatever we want.


    • In Manitoba, we always made them vegetarian, not just at Christmas – filled with rice and covered in a tomato sauce. Sometimes Baba would make buckwheat ones, but I was never a fan of those. I think the chickpeas add texture and protein without changing the flavour too much.


  2. Love to see the grandkids holding on to some of the Ukrainian culture. Keep on a rolling the holopchi! Great Grandma Luhowy would be so proud!


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