Journey of the Nishiyuu

Nishiyuu warriors leaving Whapmagoostui
Since January 1st, I’ve run 400 km in the course of my marathon training, something I’m very proud of. It sure sounds like a long distance, but it pales in comparison to the 1600 km that 6 young Cree snowshoed over a similar period. If you haven’t heard of the Journey of the Nishiyuu you should check it out. The 6 youth (all under 20) and a guide walked from Whapmagoostui in northern Quebec to Ottawa between January 16th and March 25th, averaging more than 23km per day. Their goal is to unite first nations and bring attention to aboriginal issues.

If you are thinking of following in their footsteps, the Google Maps walking directions won’t help you as there are no roads, just hundreds of frozen rivers and lakes. The map on their website will give a better sense of the route they took.

Pretty inspiring stuff.
Nishiyuu Walkers arrive on Parliament Hill to find a few thousand more gathered, waiting to welcome them to the end of their (emotional and physical) journey.

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