Improved Cambie Bridge Cycling Connections

The engineers working at the City of Vancouver are awesome. Check out the proposed redesign for the north end of the Cambie Bridge. A two-way separated bike lane is planned to connect with the bike lanes on Beatty. Currently, the only connection for southbound cyclists is along the sidewalk. These improvements will make the route much safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

There’s also improvements planned for Richards Street and the Canada Line Bridge. The details are buried in this report to city council (PDF).


  1. This area desperately needs a re-think. I make my way over to BC Place and carry my bike up the stairs and get on Robson. So a better connection would be most welcomed. It also strange that there are no ramps around the stadium.


    • You’re right. The connection with the seawall is still suspect. There’s a note on the map about a “future plaza and pathway to seawall”. That would be nice, but I’m sure it will have to wait until after a decision on the viaducts is made. Tearing down the viaducts would certainly cause a lot of rethinking on this area.

      If I need to go between Beatty and Expo, I often cut through the Costco parking lot. Not the safest route, but it’s direct.


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