Eating Vegan in Newfoundland

Only Good Vegan Food in Western Newfoundland
Before leaving on our trip, Emily loaded up our suitcases with vegan staples – almond milk, chia seeds, trail mix, Lara bars, dehydrated camping meals, and vitamin B12 supplements. I made fun of her for worrying more about food in Newfoundland than she did when we travelled to Peru or Vietnam. Turns out she was right to worry. Vegetarian cuisine, never mind vegan, is almost non-existent in Western Newfoundland.

Vegetarian Chili?We survived by choosing accommodations with kitchens and cooking our own meals. We tried to eat out as much as we could, but only found vegan food twice. Java Jacks in Rocky Harbour had vegan cakes, pictured above, that were amazing. All the food was fresh and flavourful. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for our meal at the Lighkeepers Restaurant. They served us reheated frozen vegetables that were soggy and tasteless and a vegetarian chili that was mostly rice with 5 kidney beans, tomato sauce, and only a few vegetables.

We had a bit more luck shopping at grocery stores. The Foodlands in Deer Lake and St. Anthony are well stocked with basics. We bought vegetables, almond milk, granola, chickpeas, coconut milk, rice pasta, peanut butter, and bread. Inside Gros Morne Park there is only convenience stores, but you can still get some fresh vegetables, pasta, cereal, and canned beans.
Berry Hill Campground CookingRoasted Yams on the Fire

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  1. Your pictures are always a delicious sight! Living in a northern community as a closet vegetarian and being anaphylactic to fish is a challenge. Old northern joke: What is the definition of a vegetarian? Answer: A bad hunter. Love your photos!


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