More about Bike Helmets

helmet law
I’ve probably written enough about why I think mandatory helmet laws are a bad idea, but I couldn’t resist linking to a few interesting articles published recently.

Two great posts by Howie Chong, former president of the Sierra Club of Canada, that combine statistics and the tragedy of the commons to explain why he doesn’t wear a helmet.
Why it makes sense to bike without a helmet
What helmets can teach us about climate change

I have made a careful and conscientious choice to not wear a helmet when I’m cycling in urban areas because I strongly believe that it will help improve the overall safety of cycling in the long run.

From Vox: Stop forcing people to wear bike helmets

Walking and driving are just as dangerous as biking — but they don’t require helmets.

And in Dallas: Dallas Considers Loosening Bike Helmet Laws

Several city council members say that the ordinance is a major obstacle to expanding a pilot bike share program next year.

Photo from P.M. Lydon

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