Eating Vegan in Toronto

Vegan Platter
Toronto has a lot of great restaurant options for vegans. We discovered some great new restaurants on our most recent trip, but the highlight was a visit to Fabbrica.

We got the rock star treatment. Celebrity chef Missy Hui, winner of Chopped, prepared a 3-course vegan feast for us. You could really taste the quality of the ingredients being served up. Missy really knows how to cook. Wood-fired mushroom pizza, grilled vegetables, braised greens, fried polenta, and chocolate fudge. All of it mouthwatering.
Amazing Fabricca FoodVegan Dessert

The other places we ate:
Tabülè – Tasty Lebanese food with an almost identical menu to Nuba in Vancouver.
Hot Beans – Vegan taco and burrito shop in Kensington Market. Really liked the jackfruit taco. The mac and cheese burrito was oddly good.
Lola’s Kitchen – Healthy meals for meat-eaters and vegetarians. The Israeli Couscous Bowl was a hit.
Mamma’s Pizza – Pizza chain that now offers vegan pizza with Daiya cheese.
Vegan TacosMammas Vegan Pizza

4 thoughts on “Eating Vegan in Toronto”

  1. Did the Fabricca mushroom pizza have a cheese sub? I’m going to try making jackfruit tacos at home. I’m on a taco kick lately — easy one last week was sauteed mixed greens(turnip, beet and radish) with quick pickled radish, refried pinto beans, salsa verde and soft corn tortillas.


    1. No fake cheese on the Fabbrica pizza. It was good without it. They’re not the kind of place that would just use Daiya, although a cashew topping would probably have worked well.

      We’ve made jackfruit carnitas before quite successfully – just make sure you buy the green jackfruit in brine (not the ripe stuff in syrup).


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