Foraging for Blackberries in Vancouver

Emily and I were planning on spending a sunny, Saturday afternoon biking down to Richmond to pick blueberries, but we got lazy and decided to spend the day closer to home foraging for blackberries. U-pick blueberries cost about $1.85/lb, but blackberries are free assuming you can find them.

Blackberry Picking
We started biking down the Central Valley Greenway in search of blackberries. It’s a great ride and follows the train tracks and the edge of several parks, which are perfect spots to find blackberries. I knew the Still Creek area in Burnaby is loaded with blackberry bushes, but we didn’t make it that far. 8 minutes from our home, we discovered unpicked blackberry bushes along a quiet street off Great Northern Way.

Blackberry Haul
It took us 30 minutes to fill up 3 containers full of berries. Now we just have to eat them. Some of them will be turned into chia seed jam, some frozen, and the rest eaten fresh.

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