Countdown to India: 6 days

A few months ago, Chris and I decided to take advantage of being (relatively) young, established in our careers, and debt free. We’ve opted to pick up our lives and travel across India for 4 months. I am leaving my job for good, but Chris will be returning to his in April. Life has been a flurry of subletters, cat sitters, boxes, visits, guide books, and work work work. Despite all the hassle of preparing for a trip like this, we’re really looking forward to exploring a totally new place with such diversity and amazing food, and approaching life differently, taking time to enjoy the little things and opening our minds to new possibilities.

Iconic India

The Plan: We’re flying into Chennai, via Toronto and Frankfurt, December 9-10. On April 15, we depart from Delhi, through London. Chris is coming back to Vancouver and I’m taking advantage of being unemployed by spending some time with friends and family in Ontario. We want to travel at a relatively slow pace, taking in not just the big sites, but really getting a feel for life in India. We’ve planned out our first few weeks, but want to keep the flexibility to stay somewhere we like and leave somewhere we don’t. Generally, we’ll travel from south to north as the weather gets warmer.

We’ve had a variety of different reactions when we tell people our plans. Many are jealous, wishing they had or could leave their lives to travel for an extended period of time. Some think we’re absolutely crazy to leave stability for a country with a billion people, chaos everywhere, and poor sanitary conditions. But most are supportive of our choice and excited for our adventure. So we want to stay in touch! We plan on posting tales of travel and mayhem here every week or so and uploading pictures to flickr.

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