Family Updates

Late summer patio weather in Vancouver
It’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for a healthy and happy family.

Emily has a new job as the Grants Manager at ArtStarts.

My body is slowly healing. I had my iron levels checked in September. They’re improving but still low – 19 μg/L (up from 10 in in June). My ankle is almost fully healed. I’ve started running again and curling. I still have days where I’m tired and low on energy, but I definitely feel an improvement.

We had a lovely visit with Emily’s mom a few weeks ago: watching Fringe theatre, walking through autumn leaves, eating vegan food, and playing board games. The perfect family visit.
Fall colours in Vancouver.

Kelsey and Matt are busy growing pumpkins.
Growing a pumpkin

My parents are busy living the pioneer lifestyle and building an off-the-grid home. You can read all about their adventures on their blog.
Farmer Mom

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Christmas.

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