New Parent Adventures: Baby Tracking App

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I’m a proud data nerd, so it probably comes as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of our baby tracking app. It’s the great aid to my sleep deprived brain and the keeper of our daughters history so far – at least all the important statistics like weight (4.9 kg), height (57 cm), and dirty diaper count (445).

We use the Feed Baby app. We paid $4.99 for the Pro version so we could sync data between our phones faster and not have ads but the free version is pretty good. The main competitor, Baby Daybook, looks very similar and I’m not sure there is much that separates them.

Sleep By Day

The app’s main day-to-day feature is helping mothers keep track of what side they’ve most recently breastfed the baby on. It’s also a great aid to help decipher the baby’s moods and answer the some key questions. When was the last time she fed? Is she constipated, when did she last poop? Maybe she’s over-tired, how much has she slept today?

The charts and statistics have been handy for seeing the patterns in her habits. For example, Astrid’s steadily been getting better at sleeping at night, with longer sleeps and less time awake for feedings and diaper changes. Of course we can feel that, but the data really shows that although there has been a few hiccups, her sleep patterns have been steadily improving.

Sleeps Heatmap

It’s also useful for tracking her weight, height, and head circumference and comparing them against standard growth curves. Astrid started off small and lost 10% of her weight in the first 3 days, but has rapidly growing since then.

Growth Chart

There are a bunch of features we haven’t used yet, but will as Astrid gets older – like new teeth and vaccine tracking.

So if you have a newborn, I highly recommend getting a baby tracking app. It will make your as sleep-deprived life much easier.


  1. Whenever we hit a rocky period in terms of sleep, we manually tracked (with pen and paper) so we could objectively assess whether our changes were helping. An app would have been way better, though.

    Thinking long term, can you export the data? What will you do with it?


    • With the paid version (which we have) you can export to CSV. Not sure what I’ll do with the data. Emily suggested making a baby book at 1 year and filling it with pictures and graphs.


  2. I’m surprised that hospitals and/or family doctors aren’t encouraging new parents (more?) to use these apps. Ideally, that data would feed into a EMR that you have for life. There are a few questions I’ve had about my own medical history (did I ever get virus X?) that my parents just don’t remember.

    I’ve started tracking when anyone in the family gets sick in a spreadsheet (I should probably use an app) to see if there any patterns, but would be wonderful to have all of this integrated.


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