Vancouver Election 2018 Primer – Part 5 – Endorsements

France Bula asked, so I collected as many endorsement tweets/Facebook posts/blog posts as I could. Point me in the direction of any endorsements / “I voted for …” tweets that I may have missed. I’ll leave it up to the reader to score the posters on ideology.

Full Spreadsheet link

The spreadsheet above includes (but is not limited to):

Cambie Report – Endorsement Episode

Ian Bushfield – Who He’s Voting For

Patrick Meehan – Endorsements

VDLC – Labour Endorsements

Vancouver Fire Fighters – Endorsements

Ken Ohrm (Price Tags) – Endorsements

Colin Stein (Price Tags) – Endorsements

Bicycle Mansplain – Bike Friendly Council

James Wanless – Endorsements

Civic Elxn Watch – Pro-Transit/Pro-Housing

Emily Chan – Endorsements

Todd Smith – Strategic Vote

Ian Mackinnon – Housing-Friendly YVR Voting Guide

For school board, check out Patti Bacchus’s endorsements.


  1. Well, canadianveggie, I am a vegetarian, cyclist, former VSB Education Coordinator running for School Trustee and I endorse Connie Fogal for Mayor, Jamie Lee Hamilton and Margaret Haugen for Park Board, and myself for School Trustee.
    For Council I endorse Michelle Molineaux, Colleen Hardwick, Rohana Rezel, Raza Mirza, Stephanie Ostler, Derrick O’Keefe, Breton Crellin, and Pete Fry.

    B.K. Barbara Anderson


    • Welcome fellow vegetarian, cyclist.

      I recently read on the Vancouver Humane Society survey that Connie Fogal is a supporter of Meatless Mondays and increasing plant-based food options. Too bad she said “bike routes are a luxury in Vancouver, accommodating a very few” when she responded to Hub’s survey and her environmental platform is stopping chemtrails and banning 5G wireless.

      As a member of one of the parties, I don’t think it’s fair to add you to the spreadsheet but I’ll leave your comment here for others to checkout. It’s an enlightening slate.


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