Easter 2021

Easter was a solitary affair this year. We normally spend the holiday with our Kamloops family but because of travel restrictions we stayed home in Vancouver. We missed watching Astrid, Jacob, and Nora scamper around for Easter eggs but Astrid had a blast solving riddles and clues this year.

Easter Clues

As a kid, Easter was always one of my favourite holidays. My sisters loved the candy, but I loved the riddles. My parents hid each of our eggs in obscure hiding places and we had to solve rhyming riddles to get to the next one. Astrid was finally old enough this year to attempt to solve some riddles of her own. Most of them were pretty straight forward but she still enjoyed the thrill of finding each one (she also really enjoyed the candies and toys that were inside). Next year we’ll have to make the clues more difficult.

Biking Home

After the hunt, we attempted our first ever family bike ride with everyone on their own bikes. I would like to say it was lovely, but Astrid wanted to stop every 20 meters to look for flowers, play on the dock, or watch a baseball practice. She did manage to bike all the way around Trout Lake and home without incident but it was painful herding her along. I need to learn to just go with the flow.

More Easter pictures.

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