Vegetarian Restaurants

Sammie and Soup

Vegetarian Restaurants

  1. The Acorn Restaurant – World-class vegetarian fine dining in an unpretentious setting. (Website / My Review / Zomato)
  2. Foundation – Wicked vibe, confusing menu, and cheap and tasty vegetarian meals. There is always a lineup out the door for this Vancouver establishment. (Zomato)
  3. Bandidas Taqueria – Not just a taco shop, but a vegetarian, Mexican restaurant with unconventional toppings like cabbage, yams, squash, and walnuts, and owners with a strong environmental commitment. (Website / Zomato)
  4. CHAU VeggiExpress – Asian flavours with a lot of vegan options. Everything is bursting with flavour. Cozy restaurant. (Website / Zomato)
  5. Meet on Main/Meet in Gastown – Vegetarian comfort food, now with two locations. They have a large selection of vegetarian burgers, fries, macaroni and cheese, and even a Mac’N’Cheez burger. (Website / Zomato)
  6. Heirloom Vegetarian – Upscale dining, relaxed atmosphere, local ingredient, and great service. (Website / My Review / Zomato)
  7. Sargam House – Super cheap and tasty South-Indian food. Love the dosas and mini-tiffin meals. (Website / Zomato)
  8. Budgie’s Burritos – Funky Main Street location with 5 different vegetarian burritos to choose from. (Website / Zomato)
  9. Indigo Cafe – Mostly raw, vegan restaurant in downtown Vancouver. The vegan perogies are excellent and the mushroom soup is amazing. (Website / Zomato)
  10. Vegan Pizza House – Vegan pizzas made with Daiya cheese. Surprisingly good. (Facebook / Zomato)

Vegetarian-Friendly and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

  1. Nuba – Lebanese food that just explodes with flavour – you have to try Najib’s Special (deep-friend cauliflower). Expanded to 5 locations throughout Vancouver. (Website / Zomato)
  2. Grub – Excellent locally sourced food. The menu changes weekly, but there’s always a vegetarian and vegan option. (Website / Zomato)
  3. The Reef – Caribbean food with a kick. Vegetarian will enjoy the spicy jerk tofu, amazing plantain chips, and rotis. 2 locations. (Website / Zomato)
  4. La Taqueria – I go here once a week for a quick taco hit – real authentic Mexican fast food, with good veggie options. 3 locations. (Website / Zomato)
  5. Cartems Donuterie – Vancouver’s best donut shop, with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. 2 locations in Vancouver. (WebsiteZomato).

Vegetarian-Friendly Food Carts

  1. Culver City Salads – Some of the tastiest salads you’ll ever eat. 100% vegan. (Website / current location / Urbanspoon)
  2. Loving Hut – Completely vegetarian food cart with lots of mock meat sandwiches and burgers. (Website / current location / Urbanspoon)
  3. Vij’s Railway Express – Indian food from celebrity chef Vij. The menu changes frequently, but there are always several vegetarian/vegan menu options. (Website / current location / Urbanspoon)
  4. The Reef Runner – A Caribbean food cart from the Reef restaurant (listed above). Vegetarian options include Ital Rotis, Plantain Chips, and Tofu Jamaican Patties. (Website / current location / Urbanspoon)

My Urbanspoon Guide.

Canadian Veggie Vancouver restaurants


  1. where’s the Naam and Dharma Kitchen on the list ( Naam 35+ years in business) and (Dharma 8 years and counting) ….one vegetarian and the other Vegan ) Also Organic Lives is now in Burnaby …too bad about the fire in their original building which closed it down in Vancouver …. … Also for great vegan friendly sushi …try Shi Zen Ya ( two locations in Vancouver ) Healthy eating !!


    • Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve only been to Dharma Kitche once, and that was years ago but I remember it being good. There’s so much good vegetarian food close by that I don’t make the trek that far west very often.
      I have been to the Naam a handful of times and I’ve left disappointed each time. I’ve always found the food kind of bland. But the place is always packed, so there’s obviously a lot of people who disagree with me.
      I’ve been to the Hornby location for Shizen Ya a few times. I agree, it’s an excellent sushi place. I like that they call out the vegetarian items on their menu.


  2. Thank you so much, will go to Vancouver in March, this is very helpful!!
    Do you know any bulk places for grocery shopping please?
    And,by any chance, any yoga place?
    Cheers from Belgium!


    • Cool. I updated the list to remove a few of the recently closed restaurants and add some of my favourite new spots.
      For bulk groceries, try Famous Foods on Kingsway.
      For yoga, there are a million options, including a lot of dedicated yoga studios and community centres that offer yoga classes. I don’t have a particular recommendation.

      Enjoy your visit.


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