Sushi Party

Last night Thinh (a Microsoft Intern) hosted a sushi party at his place – $10 for all you can eat sushi.

Most of the people in attendance were at the wild party the night before, so it was a pretty subdued bunch. The bottle of saki on the table went untouched for the most of the night, as people decided to nursed glasses of water instead.

The sushi was excellent and there were mountains of it. Thinh was cooking up a storm. I have no clue what was in most of it, but I know it ranged from the safe (vegetable rolls), to the common (salmon and tuna rolls), to the wild(eel and octopus). I stayed away from the wild. I felt better at the time, but I didn’t want to push my stomach too far. About 30 people showed up and we all ate a lot of sushi (I think Greg mentioned he lost count around 60) and there was still a lot left when we were done.

The best part was hearing stories about the night before. By the end of Friday night 7 people had puked, so I wasn’t the only one having trouble keeping my liquor down. I also got to see lots of pictures people had on their digital cameras. There are some disturbing ones of me wrestling Nihar for my shirt and guzzling from the gas can. Look for those on

There was also some interesting conversations about Japanese culture and some of the weird fetishes people their have. Supposedly you can buy used panties in vending machines there. Speaking of those wacky Japanese, I ran across this today. Toyota is showcasing a bunch of robots at Expo 2005 in Japan right now. Man those are wacky looking. What gets me is that that big looking one with the tiny little man sitting in it is designed to help people with disabilities get around and climb stairs. But the thing is like 12 feet high. I’d think that would cause more accessibility problems than it would fix.

In other news, turns out I wasn’t the only Porter puking on Friday night. Kelsey was also loosing her lunch, but she thinks someone slipped something in her drink. Maybe that’s what happened to me too? I better be careful next time. And you better watch out too.

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