GoreTex Pants – Don’t Leave Home Without Them

The weather here has finally returned to the normal for this region – rain, rain, and more rain. It’s been drizzling off and for the past few days and the forecast for the next week is nothing but rain.

I can live with the drizzle, but yesterday I got caught biking home in a downpour. The worst part was I have a great pair of GoreTex pants I got for Christmas just for an occasion like this, but I left them at home. So, now they’re in my backpack and they’re staying there until I need them. As much as I enjoy coming home and peeling off sopping wet underwear, I think I’d rather stay dry next time.

I’ve been biking to work fairly regularly for the past two weeks. I’ve managed to clock 80 km on my nifty bike computer. The ride to work is 3.75 km and it takes me 15 minutes to get to work and 9 minutes to get home most evenings. The hill is both a blessing and a curse.

On Saturday I went curling with Greg and Graeme (Sarah was too busy being sick). It was a Canada American Society event at the Granite Curling Club in Seattle. I’m not sure what was more shocking, that the Granite is the only curling club in the Pacific Northwest USA (and a rundown club at that) or that for the majority of Canadians in attendance it was their first time curling! Maybe coming from curling-happy Manitoba I take these things for granted. There’s over 20 curling clubs in Winnipeg. Anyway, curling was fun. Although I was expecting a more organized and competitive event, it was a good chance for Graeme and Greg to learn how to curl. I think they enjoyed it.

And I had a good time talking to some ex-pats. They seemed surprised that I was adamant about wanting to work in Canada once I graduated. But it’s something I’ve thought about, and after living in the States, I know now more then ever that Canada is where I want to be. Not that I’m not enjoying myself, I’m having a blast. But when I think of the place where I want to eventually settle down and raise a family, it’s Canada. Ok, maybe it’s just not the States, I might consider somewhere overseas. There’s just parts of American society right now that I read about in the papers and it makes me sick. It’s too bad really, because most Americans I talk to seem so progressive, tolerant, and fed up with the general trends in American politics and society.

In other news, the newest member of the Porter tech family, is a tiny little Canon Powershot SD300 digital camera bought with birthday money and my Microsoft salary. Now that I have no more excuses, expect pictures up soon.

“One thing I know about the rest of my life, I’ll know that I’ll be living it in Canada” Sloan – The Rest of my Life


  1. It’s too bad really, because most Americans I talk to seem so progressive, tolerant, and fed up with the general trends in American politics and society.
    Ah because you are on the west coast. I’ve always said that BC, Washington, Oregon, and California should join up in a western union. (except for Los Angeles)


  2. You people are completely forgetting about the east coast. NY state had the widest gap between those voting for Bush and those voting for Kerry.
    I won’t rule out the States just yet. I hate Fox News though. Not even the cable channel, but the 10 o’clock news on FOX. Before every broadcast they say “it’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your kids are?”. It might be a very common thing, but I’ve never heard it. It annoys the hell out of me. Once the news starts, it’s all about terror threats and how unsafe we are. I’ve heard 2 minutes of this on two occasions and I had enough 🙂


    • I find most American news programs are like that. Fox News might be the worst, but it’s definitely not the exception. Last time I was watching a Seattle station, their teaser for the news was: “five car pile up; 10 people injured. Footage at 10.” It’s like they thrive on the bloody and gory.


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