Seattle Clubbing

Saturday night we headed down to Seattle to hit up some clubs. We rented a hotel room downtown so no one would have to drive home afterwards (well Aleem hooked us up with a room). We got a great room on the 29th floor of the Crowne Plaza right in the heart of downtown. We got a few odd looks when 7 of us piled into an elevator with a gas can. We pre-drank for a while (a gas can and 2 bottles of wine), received 2 noise complaints, and then 10 of us headed to a club. The theme for the night was supposed to be lost and confused, so we distributed the room keys amoungst us and prepared for a wild night.

We arrived at the Last Supper Club in Pioneer Square just before midnight. We then drank and danced until 1:30 when the bar closed. Then we bitched and complained about the early bar closure as we walked back to our hotel room, in one group – miserably failing to get lost and confused. We finished off our alcohol and then tried to find room to sleep, leading to much amusement.

After losing an hour to the time change, we drove down to IHOP for breakfast. It was my second post-drinking IHOP trip, but this time I was less sick and a lot more hungry. I finished off a belgian waffle, side of hashbrowns, and 6 pieces of french toast, and a bit of Aleem’s meal. Stupid dares seemed to be the entertainment as Aleem proceeded to snort sugar through a straw, and Tyler ate the rest of Aleem’s omlette with his bare hands.

Anyway, this was the first event I took my camera to, so I’ve uploaded all the pictures. Unfortunately my battery died and my memory card filled up (I know I need a bigger one) Saturday night, so I have no pictures of Sunday morning. Although I did get some hillarious shots with my regular camera. Here are the digital pictures.


  1. Yikes, what has Microsoft done to my nice quiet son. Sowing a few wild oats are you? And here I thought your sisters where the wild ones.


  2. I like the story..sounds like an awesume night!!! The snorting of the sugar is insane..sounds like u guys had lots of fun..Wooh


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