Job Decisions

Sorry to keep everyone in suspense.

So, after much soul searching and advice from friends and family, I decided to accept the Morgan Stanley job. It was a really tough decision and I hated rejecting ZymeWorks again for a second time. But a chance to work in London doesn’t come along every day and I needed to jump on the opportunity. On one hand, I can’t believe I’ll be living in London in 11 weeks and I can’t wait to explore the city and countryside. On the other hand, I know I’m giving up a good opportunity in Vancouver, especially since I know I’d have lots of fun with Erin. But no regrets. London here I come. Yeah Baby, Yeah!

I think I’m going to have to watch Austin Powers before I go so I know what to expect culture-wise.

It’s going to be so awesome. Double decker buses, castles, British accents. So exciting.

My parents have already booked a flight down to visit me on November 11. They’re only coming for 4 days + travel time. Kind of a waste, but I guess they can’t take lots of holidays. If anyone else wants to jump on a plane and fly across the pond to come visit me, I’d be more then happy to house you and show you around. I’m not sure what kind of place I’ll have (maybe a flat), but if you’re willing to take the couch or the floor…


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