Back in Winnipeg

I know its been close to 6 months since I was last in Winnipeg, but I thought my mother would still recognize me. OK, maybe she still recognizes me, but she pointed out a birth mark on my ear this morning and asked what it was. I don’t claim to be an expert on birth marks, but I think I’ve had this one since birth, so she should have noticed it before.

I want to take a second to indulge in the great Canadian past-time of complaining about the weather. “The weather here sucks! It’s done nothing but rain since I got here. And it’s cold”.

I’m hoping to get a chance today or tomorrow to see Erinn and Allison. Maybe I’ll stop by Rocca Jacks today. I assume you’ll be in Al. I have a video game I need to give away.


  1. the weather is due to the satanic pact city of winnipeg payroll has entered into with old mother nature. in return for bad weather COW has agreed to sacrafice a house cat on every second full moon and bake cookies for her every friday. at the same time COW also gets to pay its lifeguards less due to rainy day send home pay.


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