Waterloo’s Midnight Sun Arrives in Winnipeg

Within the past hour, Waterloo’s solar race car, Midnight Sun, rolled into Winnipeg and is now parked on the grassy lawn in front of Red River Community College (about 15 minutes from my home).

For those interested, and currently in Winnipeg, you can check out all the cars parked at Red River right now. They’re having PR events until Sunday when they’re scheduled to begin the next leg of the race starting at the Legislature and heading to Medicine Hat (stopping in Brandon and Regina en route).

You can follow the race here: North American Solar Challenge.

This year is the first year that the race has gone through Canada. Normally the route heads through the States, but this year it started in Texas, headed due north to Winnipeg, and then goes west to Calgary. It’s also the first year that Red River has a team of their own. Their doing quite well for a rookie team (some problems in the beginning, but smooth sailing since). You can read about their journey on their blog. I’m sure they’ll be happy when they arrive in Winnipeg.

I think it’s amazing that these guys can zip along on the highways at 100 km/h for 10 hours a day without having to stop for gas or use any external energy sources at all. Pretty cool stuff.

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