Funny Story

So, I was eating dinner (what little food I have left in my fridge) and watching an episode of Battlestar Gallactica I had downloaded on my laptop, when these two salespeople came to the door trying to sell me Roger’s digital cable and internet. I mentioend we didn’t have a TV and I was leaving the country tomorrow. She asked what I was watching on my laptop, so I told her. After they left I needed to compulsively check my email and lj, so I wandered up the street with my giant laptop open, pressing F5 trying to find an unsecured wireless network. I probably looked a bit sketchy, but whaterver. When I found one, I plunked myself down on the front lawn and started downloading stuff. Guess who wanders by, but the two salespeople.

The deep question of the day is: Why pay for cable tv and internet when I can just download tv shows on my computer and steal internet from my neighbors?

I guess in the winter WAR walking wouldn’t be quite as fun. Oh, the neighbor is taking her garbage out and giving me looks. Time to go.

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