Looking for a place to live

I know where I’m living 4 months from now, but I have no clue where I will be living in a week.

I’ve been accepted into UW Place for the Winter term. So I’ll get to live in residence one more time before I graduate. I’m living with aramisben and some random engineer (Graeme, what is Jason Nery like?). I also found I’ll be living next door to Lorrissa and erin_noelle – which will lead to all kinds of fun and mischief I’m sure. I think my last four months of school will be like a season of Friends. I get to be Ross. 🙂

Housing for London is still up in the air. I’m flying by the seat of my pants right now. I booked a hostel for the first three nights, so I have somewhere to stay when I arrive. But after that who knows. I’ve been trying to find something to share with another Waterloo co-op, Dave, but we have different priorities for housing and he starts a week later than me, so it has been difficult. The place he wants to get is £535 a month per person. I’m having a tough time justifying that much. That’s almost $1200 CDN each! The big advantage is it’s within walking distance to work.

The other options I’m considering right now are getting a flat share or moving into international student housing. With the flat share, I’ll be with random people I don’t know (could be interesting). With the international student housing, I’ll be on the other side of town, living in a dorm, but it’s dirt cheap and I’ll meet some cool students. Given aramisben‘s awesome experience, I’d be all over the international student housing, but I haven’t found one that has kitchens I can cook in.
I found a place while looking this afternoon that sounds amazing. (Check it out ) I love the idea of living in some British ladies attic with other international students and having a house mom to do my laundry. The only problem is the distance from Canary Wharf. But I don’t mind having to take a the tube into work everyday. I think it would be super convenient to have a tube pass anyway, so I can get around the city quickly and explore (this is where Dave and I disagree, but it’s his 3rd time in London). With this place, it will be a 15 minute walk to the tube station and a 30 minute tube ride to work. Hopefully I hear back from this lady soon.

P.S. Happy birthday shocky71! Hope you have a exciting day.

P.P.S. Has anyone seen the DC lately? I think the renovations are almost done. I walked through today, and the seating area has been redone with a retro look – avocado green with carrot orange highlights. It’s awful and I love it.

P.P.P.S. I’ve lost Internet access, so I’ve been reduced to wandering up and down our street in search of unsecured wireless hotspots.


  1. Thanks for the birthday well-wishes, Chris. I now have a digital camera 🙂
    I hope you can get your London housing worked out. The ‘British Ladies Attic’ looks like it would be a great place to stay. When do you start work?


  2. The winter term is going to be crazy! I feel kind of bad for the people that are stuck with us though – hopefully they fit in with our “unique” dynamic :).
    Have a safe flight to London tomorrow!


  3. Re: the colours in the DC food court, I belive someone in the CGL most acuratly described it as “psychotic happy”


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