Free Museums

Yesterday I went for a run in Kensington Gardens. There were a ton of runners, cyclists, and roller-bladers there in the morning. I got some good pictures at the Peter Pan statue.

After the run, I walked over to the Science Museum. Most of the big museums here are free. It’s pretty cool. There’s no pressure to see everything, because you can always come back later. I made it through the dinosaur exhibition when my cell phone started ringing (my first call). It was Kersten. We met up and headed to Tate Modern – an art gallery of modern art, that just happens to be free too. I half expected to see paintings of solid colours and spattered paint. There were a few pieces like that, but there was also some really cool art. My favourite pieces were the video of the rotting fruit and the room with the shredded paper and cut-out people shapes and rubbishmen in red jumpsuits. Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures in the gallery.

After the gallery, Adam met up with us. He just got a job today working as a nanny for a hot, divorced lady. We went out for Chinese food to celebrate. Afterwards, we jumped on a tube and headed up to Westminster and walked up past Big Ben to Buckingham Palace. A lot of the buildings were lit up, so they looked cool. We got some good pictures (to be added later) of us jamming into a phone booth.

Today, I have to find a new hostel. So, I have all my stuff packed up and I’m just about to start making some calls and move all my stuff. Hopefully, I’ll only have to do this one more time (on Tuesday, when I move down to Brixton).

Have I mentioned that there are a ton of gorgeous woman in London? I don’t find them that attractive, but they have model like looks. About half of the women here seem to be wearing makeup and runway clothing all the time, even on the subway.

Cheers mates.


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