Long Weekend (Bank Holiday)

On Sunday morning I moved out of my dodgy hostel and into a classier hostel (International Student House). I’d recommend it to anyone staying in London. After the move I met up with Kersten. We should have went to see the Village Final at the Lord’s Cricket Oval (a free cricket match), but instead we went to see Carnival (a Caribbean festival on Notting Hill). I only say we should have went to the cricket match, because we could have caught Carnival after the match. Carnival was crazy. 1 million people jammed into a 10 streets in a small neighborhood with reggae blaring – the biggest street party in Europe. There were police officers everywhere. But what got me was the lax laws regarding food and alcohol. People were walking through the crowd selling their own beer and Jello shots; people were barbequing in their yards and selling burgers. Drinking is allowed in public here (I’ve seen people drinking on the tube). I got my first fish and chips meal from a little restaurant. Mmmm!

We tried to catch the end of the cricket match, but it was already over. So we headed over to Abbey Road and got pictures of us crossing the Zebra crossing just like the Beatles.

For dinner, we met up with Adam who had just been hired for a nanny job, so we went to Giraffe to celebrate. I had a Red Stripe beer (Jamaican) and a vegetable burrito. Afterwards we headed back to the hostel and had drinks. I had a Strongbow (a cider) and really enjoyed it.

Warwick Castle
Monday Adam, Ellen (Canadian girl), and I went to Warwick Castle and Royal Lemmington Baths. Lemmington is a little town with natural mineral spas. We just stopped there for lunch before the castle. I had a veggie burger and my first Guinness. It was like a meal on its own, but I didn’t really fancy it. I also found a little cookie shop that had peanut butter cookies.

The castle was lots of fun. I watched a jousting match, sword fights, the world’s largest trebuchet fire a lead shot 300 yards, and got a picture with a hot barmaid. For dinner the three of us, Ariel (a girl we met on the tour) and Kirsten went to an overpriced Mexican restaurant with small portions. I had a Corona.

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