Don’t have much time to write right now (off to work soon).
But I just wanted to say, I went to see a play last night. Elaine, Adam, and I got cheap student tickets (sold for Ā£20 day of) to see Stomp at the Vaulderville Theatre. It was awesome. I was amazed at how they made music out of anything they could get there hands on – brooms, dustpans, pipes, plastic bags, etc. And the rhythms they created were really complex. The cast was good at getting the audience involved and there were several funny bits during the play, so I was captivated for the whole show.

Afterwards we had so much energy that we kept stomping around and banging beats on anything we could find. Then we went to Trafalgar Square to meet Ariel, and Adam and I were running aournd like kids, hanging from ledges and leap-frogging over posts. It was fun, the show really gets the adrenaline pumping.

With Ariel in tow, we found a pub and had drinks. I had a pint of Magner’s – an Irish cider which wasn’t quite as good as Strongbow. We sat around and chatted then all caught the tube in different directions.


  1. Beer Review
    And so the Beer Review continues….
    Is it your objective to try every beer offered in the UK before you return? You need to start an Excel Spreadsheet with the rating of each or you will loose track and have to start all over.
    How is work? Challenging or routine? Where are you meeting all these new people? Still living in student housing? Any plans to move soon?
    Kelsey is anxious to cross the pond to visit you, but she has some questions, so answer her email please. Can they stay in student housing?
    Glad to hear you are busy and having fun. Have you been cooking or just eating out? Advice from your mother- get some sleep, take your vitamens and eat your veggies.
    We are off to the cabin for the weekend. Can’t wait to read your weekend updates on Tuesday. Hoping for more pictures.
    Take care,


    • Re: Beer Review
      Thanks for the advice Mom. I have been taking my vitamins. I have also been eating out a lot. I’m hoping that the pace slows down in the coming weeks and I can start packing lunches and cooking dinner at home for myself.
      Pictures will be uploaded when I figure out how to hook my laptop to the internet – either hijack the broadband here or find a WIFI hotspot.


    • It’s amazing how much people here drink. It’s too expensive to get drunk, but I think I’ve had a beer or two every day since I’ve been here. People just go out “for a pint” when they meet up. Very sociable thing to do.
      The plan was to try a different beer each time, but I’ve started returning to my favourites. I’ve had Strongbow a few times now.


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