New Home

I moved into my new home on Tuesday evening after work. Hauled all my stuff down from ISH and onto the tube. The walk from the Brixton tube station to my home was a bit worrying. I had two rucksacks (backpacks for you North American blokes) and a big suitcase with me. It was 9:00 at night and the busses were just packed with people and I couldn’t get onto anyone with all my stuff. I eventually walked halfway then jumped on a bus.

The house is really cool. I haven’t been home much this week – to the point my roommates are commenting they never see me. Wednesday night the four of us watched Lost together, but other then that I haven’t seen much of them until today. My roomates are:
Jason – bloke from Australia.
Miles – bloke from South Africa.
Sharon – girl from Australia.
Russel (guy from NZ) moved out on Wednesday and Sharon is moving out next week. We have another girl from Australia moving in next week.

There are a few oddities to the house. The tv takes a few minutes to warm up before you can watch it, the front door is opened with a skeleton key, and stove and oven are gas powered and have to be lit with a match. I almost blew our house up trying to use the oven on Wednesday – I didn’t realize it was gas and left it on for a few minutes, filling our kitchen with gas.

Tomorrow is Miles’ birthday. So were having a small celebration after work.

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