Weekend of beaches and sight seeing

On Friday night, I met up with Steven Findlay. Most of you have probably met him. He went with Shad to me in Grade 11. Then he spent a year at the University of Waterloo on exchange, and spent Christmas and New Year’s in Winnipeg.

He’s in London for the weekend after a student conference on Thursday. After work I met Steven and his friend Tully. We went to a little Italian restaurant for dinner then to a bar for drinks – a Kronenberg beer for me.

My feet in the water

On Saturday Finday, his friend and his girlfriend drove down to Brighton, a small coastal resort on the English Channel (southern England). We met up with Tulley and two of her friends. The seven of us spent the day lounging on the beach and browsing the cute little shops nestled down little alleys that reminded me of Diagaon Alley. I paddled into the water (what Canadians would call wading). It was really cold. Then I decided to be a brave Canadian and dove in and swam around for a while. Tully was the only other once who went in the water. The salt water stung, especially on my face which was freshly shaved.

Brighton Gang 
For dinner we had fish and chips and beer lying on the beach – very English. I had another Strongbow. When we were leaving the beach and heading home, we noticed that Smirnoff Ice had set up an area that they were pumping full of snow for snow ball fights and giving away drinks to participants. If we weren’t on our way out, we would have lined up for a go.

On Sunday, Steven and I wandered from London Tower to St. Paul’s Cathedral, then through the British Museum, and walked through Regent’s Park. We had a good time enjoying the female scenery – with the beach on Saturday, it was a good weekend for “sight seeing”. Then we had a bit of a scare trying to get him to Liverpool Station to catch his train to the airport. We were a bit late leaving Regent’s Park, then the guy he was living with drove us to the train station, but traffic was bad, so we jumped out of the car and tried to take the tube. We just missed the subway, had to wait a bit, then finally got the the train station 20 minutes late. I got a text message as I got home, saying he made it to the airport with 30 seconds to got check in for his flight back to Edinburgh.

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