Waiting to get paid

It’s been a quiet week. I’m starting to get into a weekday routine: Wake up -> Bus -> Tube -> Work -> Tube -> Bus -> Dinner -> Bed. The only excitement was two chess matches I played last night against Miles and Jason. I haven’t played chess in a long time, so I was a bit worried. But I creamed Miles the first game and managed to fluke out a win in the second game against Jason; he had me on the run the whole game and then made a dumb mistake.

The highlight of the week was reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I just finished it this morning. An excellent book indeed. I’m looking forward to the last one and the next movie. Unfortunately, I don’t have another book lined up; I’ll have to find something quick or else I’ll be bored out of my mind on my trips to/from work.

I bought tickets to see Richard II (starring Kevin Spacey!) next weekend. So far it’s just me and Ariel going, but Dave from work might tag along too. The under-25 tickets only cost £12 each and they’re in the 2nd row. I can’t wait. Ariel’s grandfather went last week and said it was amazing. It has Kevin Spacey! It has to be good.

I just checked my bank account balance and I found out I’m officially broke. I don’t think I have over-draft protection, but my account says -$87. Hmmm.. wonder how that works. It was the UW Housing deposit that just cleared that put me under. Although I have a $600 visa bill coming due soon, which would have killed me anyway. I had the lovely experience of making that call home: “Dad…I’m broke, could you transfer some cash into my account…just until I get paid. Thanks. Bye”. I guess I shouldn’t have plowed all the Microsoft money into mutual funds. Oh well, I get paid on Tuesday.


    • There’s always a large police presence at the tube stations. I’ve been searched once already. The police officer was really nice about it, and I got a form explaining what law gives them the power to seach my bags without a warrant (some anti-Terrorism one).


      • i just find the whole thing slightly ridiculous. i mean, terrorists bombed the tube once. it’s highly unlikely that they’ll attack using the same method again. adding loads of extra security at the tube stations is probably done at the expense of security elsewhere, and those are the places that are more likely to get attacked.


        • I generally agree with you that all these knee jerk anti-terrosim reactions don’t really serve to stop terrorism. But they do reassure some people. And actually the tube was attacked twice – the second time was the failed bombing about 2 weeks after the first. Security everywhere here is on the rise – the tube, parliament buildings, financial districts, etc. I think I read somewhere that with all the police focus on anti-terrorist activities other crime, like theft and assault, are on the rise.


  1. Books…
    well there’s always the Isaac Asimov Robot Series (“The Caves of Steel”, “The Naked Sun”, “The Robots of Dawn”, “Robots and Empire”, and maybe “I Robot” for a bit of background)
    I also started reading the Ender series by Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game | Speaker for the Dead | Xenocide | Children of the Mind) until the books disappeared from the library (grrr… )
    Offcourse I am randomly assuming that just because I also liked the Harry Potter books you’ll like other random books I liked 🙂


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