Camden Market Take 2

We have a new roommate (yet again). Jason, the Aussie bloke, has gone off to Paris to meet his Aussie girlfriend, so in his place we have Gemma, a very pretty girl from Birmingham (the 2nd biggest city in the England for those interested). Unfortunately, she’s only here for a month (and she has a boyfriend) :-).

This morning Kimayne, Gemma, and I went off to Camden Market to do some shopping and people watching. No cool purchases for me this time, but I did see lots of weird people. Really weird people actually. I found parts of the market I didn’t see last time. A lot of crazy goth and rave stores clothing stores. Cyberdog was the weirdest store, with the weirest staff and booming techno music. The staff all had a lot of piercings, tubes attached to clothing, and ridges on some of their heads. It was very surreal, but really neat to see. Kelsey, you’ll have to check it out when you come.


  1. cold
    Is the cold gone yet? Maybe time to slow down, get some sleep and veggie soup. And how is work? Anything exciting, challenging,etc?


    • Re: cold
      It’s getting colder, but it’s still around +15 here. I wear a fleece to work, but nothing more than that.
      I’m trying to get lots of sleep, but it’s not easy in this house. Miles’ alarm clock woke me up at 6:30 this morning. Grrr.
      Work is good. Nothing terribly exciting or challenging, but solid work. I’m had a few projects already spanning everything from GUI work, database work, server code, etc. I might design a testing framework for them for my next project. We’ll see.


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