Oliver Twist and Tea with the Queen

Time for your regularly scheduled weekend update.

Saturday afternoon I met up with Ellen and Adam. We met in Leicester Square and watched an afternoon matinee of Oliver Twist. We thought the matinee would be cheaper, but failed to realize any movie in Leicester Square would be ridiculously expensive, and it cost us £11.50 each. In retrospect we should have found a theatre outside the core, but I didn’t plan the movie.

Oliver Twist was ok. It was a solid movie, decent acting and some great shots of historic London settings. But it’s telling that once we left the movie theatre we were raving about the Harry Potter movie preview and not Oliver Twist. To quote Adam: “Did you orgasm, because I orgasmed twice watching that preview”. That good. I can’t wait! I think the next movie I’ll watch is Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Wear-Rabbit. I’m implementing a strict British movie only policy. If I’m going to pay $25, it’s going to contribute to my British experience.

After the movie we wandered through Soho and went in the huge Hamley’s Toy Store on Regent Street. We tried to find a pub were we could watch the England vs Austria Football match, but every pub we found was either packed or not showing the fixture. We eventually settled in a mediterranean restaurant. I had a three couse meal with a spinach appetizer, vegetarian moussaka, apple tarte, and a glass of white wine. Mmmmm.

The weather turned was dreary that night and the rain made it miserable to be out and about. We visited the Virgin Megastore on Oxford street and listened to some music. I got more recommendations for Death Cab for a Cutie, this time from both Ellen and Adam, so I listened to the CD and it was indeed amazing. So everyone that has been raving about Deathcab, I’m ready to add my voice to your cheers.

Before everyone split up for the night, I went into the Waterstone’s and bought “How to be Good” by Nick Hornby. He seems to be a pretty popular author here (he wrote High Fidelity and About a Boy – both movies now). The books really good so far, but a bit screwy. It’s about a wife who cheats on her husband and then wants a divorce, but he doesn’t, and they continue to live together but there relationship is dysfunctional – at least that’s the plot so far.

Sunday Gemma and I went to see Buckingham Palace to have tea with the Queen. Or at least that was the plan and what we told our roommates. Miles kept asking if we were serious. We ended up grabbing a bite to eat in a cafe at South Kensington and going to see the Dinosaur and Creepy Crawly exhibits at the Natural History Museum. Then we wandered through Kensington Gardens, bought some frozen yogurt, and sat on a bench and people watched for a while.

While waiting in line for the ice cream we overheard the cutest conversation between two twelve-year old girls in front of us.
Girl 1(holding a fiver): Is that the Queen?
Girl 2: No. The Queens dead. That must be Victoria I.
Girl 1: The Queen is dead?
Girl 2: She deaded ages ago.
Girl 1: How did she get so rich?
Girl 2: Maybe she had a good job before she became Queen.

I’m really glad Gemma has moved in. We’re getting along really well so far. And she’s British, so I’m expanding my vocabulary of crazy British terms. I’m making a list that I’ll post one day. You can look for the definition of great terms like: plaster, buggy, towny, snog, and knackered soon.

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