Kodak Moments in the Underground

Strange sight this morning on the Underground. I was changing trains at London Bridge and I saw a guy walking toward me that looked like any other business man. He was wearing a dress shirt, was well shaven, and carrying a brief case. But he wasn’t wearing any pants. I swear he was wearing light pink boxer shorts. That was a first.

So, I bought a digital camera today. I had given up waiting for a credit card to arrive in the mail, so I asked Gemma if I could use her credit card. Then when I was about to purchase the camera, I realized that the site accepted Solo cards, which is what my debit card is. So all this time I had the ability to buy a camera online and I didn’t realize it. Stupid! So, in 1-3 business days I will be the proud owner of a Canon IXUS 40, which is identical to the Canon Powershot SD300, which is the camera I lost. I still have the old battery charger, so I won’t have to worry about the new one using a UK plug. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures this weekend to make up for the lost time.


  1. New Camera
    Damn. I just sent you an email this morning offering to buy you one as an early Christmas present. Just when I thought I had my Christmas shopping problem solved. What to by a guy who doesn’t want anything extra to carry around? Email me any ideas.


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