4B – The schedule to end all schedules

I choose my final courses on Monday. I can’t believe we’re in the final stretch already. I didn’t have any of the problems everyone else had signing up for classes. I had an early appointment and I quickly snagged the classes I wanted. It’s too bad, because I wouldn’t have minded writing a ranting letter like last year, but graemlin (in his frustration) managed to give the administration a piece of his mind that I thoroughly approved of.

For my 3 technical ATEs I enrolled in:
CS 442 – Principles of Programming Languages
CS 370 – Numerical Computation
CS 486 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

I’m still debating on my final elective. I have free range on anything the university offers, since I’ve met all my other degree requirements. I wouldn’t mind some feedback on which course I should take. I considered everything from nutrition, political science, law, and spanish. The two that fit best in my schedule are:
SPAN 101 – Introduction to Spanish
GENE 412 – Ethics and The Engineering Profession

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:30   CS 442
(Programming Languages)
  CS 442
(Programming Languages)
11:30 CS 370
(Numerical Computation)
SE 402
CS 370
(Numerical Computation)
  CS 370
(Numerical Computation)
12:30 SPAN 101
(Intro Spanish)
  SPAN 101
(Intro Spanish)
  SPAN 101
(Intro Spanish)
13:00 CS 486
(Artificial Intelligence)
CS 486
(Artificial Intelligence)
13:30 SPAN 101
14:30 SE 465
  SE 465
  SE 465
15:30 SE 465
  SE 465
19:00 GENE 412
(Ethics and Law)

Format stolen from indiglo_i – Thanks Greg


  1. Learn Spanish. Not only are you the type of guy who would be capable of taking a language course with a full course load (they’re incredibly time consuming), but Spanish is such a sexy language. If they offered it at a time that made sense for me at U of W, I would be all over it.


  2. I’m taking Gene412 as my extra course. I’ve heard it was really easy and somewhat interesting. They both fit in your schedule pretty well, I guess it depends whether you would find a longer lunch more useful, or one extra evening off.


    • The prof teaching GENE 412 is very righly rated on ratemyprofessor.ca. And the course does look ridiculously easy. But it’s our last term, so what do I care about marks. Maybe I’ll take both. Or not.


  3. Would it be possible to get a copy of Graeme’s rant? I’d love to see it! =0)
    If you’re seriously interested in a language class.. Spanish is definitely something you’ll enjoy (not from experience but from how cool it sounds!), but I don’t expect you’ll have much use for it except for a few tidbits when you go to Mexico or the like 😉 Practical vs enjoyable! I’m taking an English class called Forms of Fantasy – Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, etc – Not a bad way to finish my studies; something I’m sure to enjoy!


    • Spanish would be quite useful if you ever move to the U.S. I regret that I can’t speak it, because there are so many oppurtunities for me to use Spanish here.


    • You’ll have to ask to Graeme to forward it on to you. I don’t think he wants to make it open letter like I did with mine last year.
      I should have some use for Spanish when I come back to Europe next summer, which is the plan right now.
      That English class sounds really interesting. But it probably involves essays, which I’m determined to avoid in my last term.


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