More of the same, but with pictures

The new digital camera has arrived, so this post will be complete with pictures taken on my new Canon IXUS 55.
Friday night after work I went looking for a new place to live. I visited a flatshare in Mile End, which was a 7 minute train ride from work. The place was fairly nice, but the neighborhood was even dodgier than Brixton, the cheap room was taken, and I wasn’t about to pay 100 pounds a week to live in fear. Although there were two really, really cute Swedish girls looking at the place at the same time and it looked like they were going to take the other room. Oh well. The search continues.

When I got home Kimayne and Gemma convinced me to go buy some wine with them so we could get trashed. Not that it took much convincing for two agree to drink with two beautiful girls. We had a great time drinking wine, playing cards, and chatting. I taught them how to play 31. After cards, Gemma and I watched the end of Layer Cake, but I fell asleep 2 minutes after turning it on, and Gemma had to wake me up when it finished so I could drag my butt into bed.

Saturday afternoon I met Melissa at the Peacock to see Shaolin Kung-Fu – not my choice of plays, but when you know someone who can get you in for free you don’t argue (thanks Ariel). The Kung-Fu was really gimmicky and not too impressive, and all the 12 year old boys hopped up on ice cream pretending to be ninjas got on my nerves.
Star Watching
After the play, the three of us scampered down to Leicester Square to catch the screening of Bee Season as part of the London Film Festival. It stars Richard Gere, and we were hoping he would be there, but he wasn’t. The film was really good though. I’m not sure when it will make it to general theatre release, but it’s worth checking out. As we left the theatre we were thrown into the throng of people and paparazzi taking pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow who did attend the showing of her film. I tried getting some pictures but they all turned out blurry.

We hit a Italian restaurant afterwards for some quick pasta. We were going to go to a bar for a while, but none of us were dressed for it and the 5 pound cover scarred us away. I was more than happy to come home, eagre to get some sleep so I could get up early and go for a run tomorrow. But lj updating is more time consuming than I thought. I need to get myself into decent running shape. I’ve signed up for a 5 mile race in Leeds in mid-November. It has a free t-shirt for all participants so it met my stringent criteria. Should be fun to get out of London.

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