British to Canadian Dictionary

As promised several times to several people, here’s a list of all the strange British slang I’ve heard since I’ve been here. My favourites are in bold.

British Canadian British Canadian
lift elevator tube subway
lorie truck people mover van
bonnet hood boot trunk
petrol gas pram stroller
prick/looser/jerk towny/yob/nav/chav social underclass
bloke manly guy bird girl
chum friend    
post mail diary day timer
cash point ATM plaster band-aid
hoover vacuum cleaner fag cigarette
flat apartment rubbish  garbage 
fit good looking
(like fine)
snog make out
pull pick up knackered tired
dodgy sketchy barmy crazy
jumper sweater pants underwear
trousers pants    
aubergine eggplant courgette zucchini
lemonaide Sprite / 7 Up marrow
(from Wallace
& Gromit)
High Street Main Street zebra crossing crosswalk
bog standard normal / standard football soccer
shrapnel loose change nil / naught zero
alight come to the surface
(from the tube)
bespoke custom
bung throw queue line up
bollocks balls / nuts dog’s bollocks really good
cheers thanks cheeky smart ass
the piss
poking fun


  1. Chum, this is dog’s bollocks!
    It’s barmy how many expressions these blokes have.
    Well, I have to put on some trousers and a jumper and leave this sketchy neighborhood for High Street.


  2. hehe, I recognize a quite a few from Harry Potter. Two other ones I noticed when I saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (three times):
    chat up line – pickup line?
    fancy dress party – costume party?
    feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


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