Fame! I want to live forever…

Fame!Last night was Kelsey’s last in London and I took the ladies out to see “Fame”, the musical. The guys at work made fun of my choice of musicals, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think Kelsey and Jen did too. Some of the songs were full of cheese, but the dancing was top notch and the set was really cool (with staircases swinging in and out from the wings). The young actors and actresses all had powerful voices and could dance hip hop and ballet. The only song that I really liked was “Let’s Play a Love Scene”. There were some really funny moments – especially with the Latino character.

Kelsey’s off back home now (probably over the Atlantic as I type). I hope she enjoyed her week in London.

Normally the tube is more interesting late at night – people drinking Strongbow, girls in skimpy clothing coming home from the bar, and loud drunks. But after Fame I was treated to new late night excitement. First, some guy puked all over his pants and the floor, forcing an evacuation of half of the carriage as people tried to get as far away as possible. Then a really convincing drunk, managed to get a Mexican Wave (you know…The Wave!) going around the carriage.


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